Please see below for a chart illustrating our updated Fee Schedule:

30-Day Volume (bitcoin) 30-Day Volume (ether) Taker Fee Maker Fee 00.25%.25%≥ 1000≥ 20,000.23%.20%≥ 2000≥ 40,000.20%.15%≥ 3000≥ 60,000.15%.10%≥ 5000≥ 100,000.10%0%

In addition, all trades executed in Gemini’s daily BTC/USD and ETH/USD auctions will be subject to the same liquidity-making fee schedule and will be included in your 30-day trading volume used to determine your fee rates.[Time Tower For 86 Storey Engulfs Second Fire Dubais Torch]

Beginning November 15, 2017, Gemini’s best taker fee for liquidity-taking trades will be 10 bps (0.10%), on each of our three order matching engines: BTC/USD, ETH/USD, and ETH/BTC.

Onward and upward,

The Gemini Team

td.no-border{border: none;} .Market participants can achieve these favorable fee rates based on their 30-day trading volume.This new fee schedule will go into effect at midnight UTC, November 15, 2017 (7:00 pm ET, November 14, 2017), and then be applied to all trades going forward from that time.[Way Easy Cryptocurrency Tracking Of]Note: we are removing the previous requirement related to maintaining a specific buy/sell ratio.

Please contact hello@gemini.com if you have any questions on the timing of this update and how it may impact your current fee schedule.[News 8211 2019 Summary Bitcoin 28 January]
Source: https://gemini.com/blog/new-fee-schedule/

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