This happens after a hunger strike and unsafe conditions in the detention center that have caused a series of protests.[Market ATM 2018 Dynamics October Bitcoin]<

The administrative council of Adelanto decided to terminate the contract the Detention Center had under the GEO company.

    Immigrants at Adelanto Detention Center Start Hunger Strike

"You have to keep the identification number of family members who start with an A in case they are sent to another place," said Rosa Elena Shagun, immigration attorney.[Pay Review ICO FX]

ICE said they will look for options to continue using the detention center and place hundreds of detained immigrants in another place if necessary.

    Health, Safety Concerns Overlooked at ICE Facility: Audit

"We know this place is a deplorable and unhealthy place where detainees have been the target of mistreatment and abuse, so this announcement is good,"  Elizabeth Adeln, activist said.[Beacon Chain Explained Ethereum]

After the announcement protests are expected in the coming days to achieve the permanent closure of the detention center.
Source: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Adelanto-termina-contrato-con-centro-de-detencion--507865441.html

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