We believe that this data shows that a big part of the value that Purse provides to shoppers is not just the best discounts on your orders, but also huge savings over time!

We look forward to sharing more data with you to help inform your purchases, so you can keep racking up the savings.

It’s been almost 6 months since I started using Purse.We think we’re the best place to shop and get savings online, but how exactly do all the numbers add up?

We are always keeping a close eye on the average discount and order wait times, so we wanted to see how that data accumulates over time for a typical user.It’s awesome to see that there have been almost $200 of savings (20%)! Also, at the time tis data was collected, 1 active order of 100$ with a 28% discount was on the way.[County East Rescued In Badger Cub]

Pro-tip: If you think Purse is great, you’re going to love using this Chrome Extension that lets you add items to your Purse cart directly from Amazon!

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2 orders had a delivery time of 2 days, 1 order was delivered in a day, and the rest of them took an average of 5 days.[Resulted BTC Coin Gaining Why JPM The In Markets News Crypto Bitcoin Of In]

.I took a look at my shopping data, and to my surprise, I have saved over $200 shopping for stuff I need at home!

Above is a summary of 6 months of Purse order for typical household items.

Check out our website to learn more about shopping or earning on Purse.[Fees To Agrees Nicki Pay Tuition For Fans Minaj]I was surprised as to see that all orders except 1 took less then a day to get picked up by an earner!

The average time from order placement to delivery was 6 days, which includes the time it takes for the earner to pick up order and the shopper confirming that the order has been delivered.[Purse Reasons 10 To Top Use]

An Inside Perspective

As you already know, Purse.io provides the best discounts on all of your Amazon purchases.If you have thoughts or suggestions about what you’d like to see from us next, leave a comment below or join our Reddit community to share ideas.
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