A federal judge in Alaska declared late Friday that President Donald Trump’s order revoking a sweeping ban on oil and gas drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic oceans is illegal, putting 128 million acres of federal waters off limits to energy exploration.

“The people of King Cove deserve to have access to a higher level of care, especially when the unforgiving weather prevents them from traveling from their isolated community by air or boat,” said Aleutians East Borough Mayor Alvin D.District Judge Sharon Gleason is the third legal setback this week to Trump’s energy and environmental policies.“The judge’s ruling today shows that the president can not just trample on the constitution to do the bidding of his cronies in the fossil fuel industry at the expense of our oceans, wildlife, and climate.”

Industry officials, however, said the administration could forge ahead with its offshore drilling process as litigation continued.A coalition of environmental groups had challenged adjacent plans to drill 171 wells in Colorado’s North Fork Valley, which provides key habitat for elk and mule deer.[ETH Ever Top Block Quits Daily Rewards Lowest Dev]

Earlier this week, a federal judge ruled that Interior’s Bureau of Land Management and U.S.While Friday’s decision applies to 98 percent of the Arctic Ocean, it only covers undersea canyons in the Atlantic, as opposed to the entire Eastern Seaboard.

“Here, the Secretary’s failure to acknowledge the change in agency policy and his failure to provide a reasoned explanation for that change in policy are serious errors,” Gleason wrote.[Users Crypto 8211 More Review Exchange Fast Bitit 038 For]

The decision by U.S.District Judge Lewis Babcock, a Ronald Reagan appointee.Osterback.The judge, who was appointed to the federal bench by President Barack Obama in 2012, also blocked on Friday a land swap the Interior Department arranged that would pave the way for constructing a road through wilderness in a major National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.

.“I will never stop until this road is a reality and the nearly 1,000 residents of this isolated community have a lifeline for emergency medical care,” she said.Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, also promised to continue pushing for building the road, which otherwise would be prohibited in a wilderness area.They also cite expert testimony that any road through the refuge would be impassable during snowstorms.[Regulatory As Introduces Affairs Christian Of Bitpanda Head Steiner]

In her Friday ruling, Gleason wrote that the law in which Congress gave the president authority over offshore drilling – the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act – expressly allows for leasing withdrawals but does not state that a subsequent president can revoke those withdrawals without congressional approval.

The third adverse decision the administration received this week came in a ruling from U.S.“This land exchange would have accomplished that.”

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In a separate decision earlier in the day, Gleason found that then-Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke did not provide sufficient justification for reversing the government’s stance on whether to allow a small, remote Alaska town to construct a road through the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge.

Residents of King Cove have argued for years that they need to bisect the refuge, which has been protected for decades and provides a critical rest stop for migratory waterfowl, for medical evacuations under rough weather.[Litecoin Release V0162 Core]

In a statement Friday, local leaders there vowed to continue their fight.

“As a result, the previous three withdrawals issued on January 27, 2015 and December 20, 2016 will remain in full force and effect unless and until revoked by Congress,” she wrote.[May DC Thing On Premiere 31st Will Universes Swamp]

“While we disagree with the decision, our nation still has a significant opportunity before us in the development of the next offshore leasing plan to truly embrace our nation’s energy potential and ensure American consumers and businesses continue to benefit from U.S.

The Interior Department declined to comment Saturday.[Network Button Lightning Crash Twitter Micropayments]
Source: https://www.denverpost.com/2019/03/30/trump-arctic-atlantic-drilling-illegal/

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