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The large sedan class isn't what it was once. Fewer automakers offer them as a result of shoppers are increasingly gravitating to SUVs and highly succesful midsize sedans. This Vehicles, nevertheless, is one brand that is still carrying the torch. In truth, it is doubled down. Redesigned simply last year, the car concurrently exemplifies and upends the conventions of the category.

Like past automobile (and most massive sedans), this newest model has a V6 engine that delivers clean acceleration. It also has a roomy interior. Although only barely bigger than the Camry, the Avalon has acres of legroom for all occupants and a better percentage of premium materials. The Avalon lends itself effectively to long highway trips thanks to the supportive outboard seats and minimal wind noise.

chevrolet cruze 2020
 Specs and Review

This Automobiles additionally performs against type by bringing performance into the picture. The car, with nimble handling and fast steering, is surprisingly up to the problem of zipping alongside a curvy street. There's even a brand new TRD mannequin this 12 months with a sport-tuned suspension. In order for you an uncompromising blend of efficiency and comfort, contemplate the top Touring trim. It is outfitted with adaptive dampers that soften the journey or sharpen handling on the press of a button — a rare function for such a automobile.

Downsides? Nicely, there's not an enormous quantity of headroom, which is odd for this class of auto, and Android Auto smartphone integration is conspicuously missing from the options list. However total, we predict highly of the automotive. It is a definite step up in terms of quality and comfort compared to the Camry, and it is the most well-rounded decide in comparison with rivals such because the Chrysler 300 and the Kia Cadenza.

With bigger administration than the Chevrolet Cruze and bigger administration than the Hyundai Elantra, the 2012 Ford Focus is the best complete amalgamation in the compact-car market.

chevrolet cruze 2021
 First Drive

Model chevrolet cruze 2021

chevrolet cruze 2020
 Specs and Review

The Focus name isn’t new to the U.S., but the 2012 archetypal is the aboriginal Focus to be shared among the U.S., Europe and the blow of the world. In Europe, bunched cars are a staple, and buyers carapace out bags of dollars (or dollar equivalents) added for them than we do. Now, we’re assuredly accepting the affection aforetime enjoyed alone overseas, and you can see, feel and apprehend it in the 2012 Focus.

The 2012 Ford Focus is beautiful in both auto and four-door-hatchback anatomy styles. The auto comes in an entry-level S trim level, and both the auto and bear appear in SE, SEL and Titanium trims. For a trim-level comparison, analysis out the auto and hatchback. A high-performance Focus ST will accompany the family, but not until abutting year.

The Finest Attribute

The Focus offers two abeyance tunings, angry to caster size. A added adjustable but still alive bureaucracy accompanies all caster sizes from 15 to 17 inches. The bigger wheels, 18-inchers that are alternative on the Titanium trim, appear with a firmer, sportier suspension. (As we broadcast this review, both Ford’s website and our own abstracts appearance an alternative abeyance for the SE trim level; this is incorrect and will be revised.) Alike the sportier abeyance was acceptable on the mostly advantageous alley surfaces in and about Los Angeles. Equipped with alternative summer tires, the Focus Titanium auto with 18-inch auto beyond artery amplification joints with a aside thrumming complete that recalled earlier, lighter Audis — a awareness I consistently associated with an awfully annealed anatomy structure. Overall, the Focus is admirably quiet in all regards.

It was on coulee anchorage that the Focus showed its finest attribute: handling. I can’t say I’m surprised, because the previous-generation Ford  Focus’ dynamics were underrated — or conceivably aloof underreported. The car flew beneath the alarm because it was so assertive and accustomed in the twisties that you didn’t apprehend how acceptable it was unless you looked at the speedometer. The 2012 Focus takes it up a notch. Added like three notches, actually.

Naturally, the Titanium auto with the 18-inch auto and activity abeyance was the added capable; its Michelin Pilot Activity 3 summer achievement tires (rated P235/40ZR18) gave up absorption reluctantly, to say the least, with the faintest of chirps. (At an estimated advancement bulk of $250 apiece, I’d apprehend annihilation less.)

But I don’t appetite to downplay the capabilities of the lower trim levels, such as the Focus SE auto with 16-inch all-season tires. It, too, apparent hasty ascendancy and athleticism, acquisitive to dive into corners and again barb its way aback out. Ford attributes this in allotment to a accepted torque-vectoring affection that uses the absorption ascendancy to anchor the central caster aback accelerating out of a turn, acceptance the ability to drive the alfresco caster and advance a tighter line.

In a sense, absorption ascendancy does this already aback accelerating on low-traction surfaces, but Ford characterizes torque vectoring as a predictive action. Agnate to a affection Porsche employs, torque vectoring is a attenuate activity that goes undetected, rather than a acknowledging action by the absorption ascendancy or cyberbanking adherence system.

As in the antecedent Focus, council is a aerial point, with acceptable acknowledgment and a ability to breeze aback to centermost afterwards a turn. It’s acceptable to get this achievement afterwards a about-face to electric ability steering. Ford wasn’t the aboriginal to accept the technology, but its beheading has accepted to be amid the actual best. The Focus exhibits some torque beacon beneath abundant dispatch already it gets going, but it’s an bulk I can alive with — abnormally because automakers usually annihilate torque beacon by eliminating torque.

The Ford Focus reminds you how acceptable a well-engineered front-wheel-drive car can be. I’d accept to drive them back-to-back to apperceive for sure, but I doubtable the new Focus has the Cruze beat. I’ll say the aforementioned about the Mazda3, admitting the Mazda ability still authority the bend in council feel, accepting adopted electro-hydraulic council rather than activity to abounding electric, a half-step that comes at the bulk of ammunition efficiency.

Ability to Amuse But Not Impress

Area the Focus is acceptable to amuse added than affect is in acceleration. We begin the auto Fiesta to be abundantly powered at best, with the six-speed PowerShift automated bigger over the five-speed manual. The Focus is a agnate story, admitting its ability is added acceptable than the Fiesta’s. Allotment of the affair is perceived power, because the direct-injection 2.0-liter four-cylinder delivers its aiguille torque of 146 pounds-feet at a almost aerial 4,450 rpm. The ratios of the 5-speed chiral transmission’s lower apparatus are almost tall, authoritative for a comfortable launch. Admitting the six-speed automated chiral has beneath starting gears, it still moseys off the band for the aboriginal several meters. The gearbox attempts to accomplish up for it already you get moving, appointment the engine’s acceptable 160 application with burning upshifts and able operation. If anamnesis serves, the Cruze is quicker from a standstill with its accepted automated chiral and a turbocharged 1.4-liter agent that delivers its 148 pounds-feet of torque at 1,850 rpm.

Already theFord  Focus is in motion, the admiration is added satisfying, admitting college revs are the alone way to go. The best way to accomplish this is in the Activity mode, which you actuate by affairs the accessory selector aback from the D to the S position. Here, it acquiescently holds the agent at college rpm and bliss bottomward added readily aback you jab the accelerator. It’s abnormally acceptable at account a quick absolution and downshifting a accessory on the acceptance that you’re entering a bend or cresting a acropolis and appetite the ascendancy and on-demand torque of college revs. For an big-ticket technology on an affordable car, PowerShift is impressive.

Beneath absorbing is the manual-shift feature, which Ford calls SelectShift. Already you’re in Activity mode, a rocker about-face on the about-face batten apparent “ /-” can override the automated operation and acquiesce chiral shifting. The capital botheration is how awkward it is to ability this ascendancy already the shifter is in its aback position. I’m not the bigger fan of this blazon of feature, nor of the steering-wheel-mounted about-face paddles it usually employs, but if Ford’s activity to action it, paddles would be bigger to the switch.

Ford is yet addition automaker to avowal artery breadth of “up to” 40 mpg, forth with the Cruze and Hyundai Elantra, but the top breadth comes alone with the Super Ammunition Economy option, agnate to the Fiesta’s. Final EPA ratings haven’t been appear yet. SFE won’t be accessible as of the model’s launch, but it will accommodate low-rolling-resistance tires, a rear addle-brain and an alive grille bang system, which automatically controls vanes in the grille based on acceleration and temperature, aperture them alone as far as all-important to air-conditioned the engine. Ford says aerodynamics advance as they close, adopting ability by as abundant as 4 to 5 percent at canoeing speed.

The SFE Focus compares to the Cruze Eco, which is the high-mileage adaptation of Chevy’s bunched car. While the Eco is a trim akin all its own, SFE is a $495 advantage amalgamation accessible on the second-lowest Focus auto trim level, the SE with an automated transmission. The absolute amount comes to $19,585, including the destination charge. The Cruze Eco’s best able adaptation is chiral and costs $18,895, but the automated adaptation costs $20,345 and sacrifices some breadth adjoin the chiral (final EPA numbers aren’t available). Hyundai says all versions of the Elantra will accomplish 40 mpg after appropriate options, at a abject amount beneath $16,000.

In the Cabin

At 91 cubic anxiety of commuter volume, the Focus is a bit abate central than the 2011 model, which abstinent 93 cubic feet. This puts it in alliance with older-school compacts like the 2011 Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla at 91 and 92 cubic feet. The added contempo redesigns accept taken the befalling to grow, with the Cruze, Elantra and Volkswagen Jetta boasting 95, 96 and 94 cubic feet, respectively.

I still begin the Ford Focus’ advanced seats workable, and I accepted the accepted driver’s bench acme acclimation and tilt/telescoping council wheel. By the numbers, the Focus has 38.3 inches of advanced allowance adjoin the Cruze’s 39.3 and the Elantra’s 40.0 inches. The Focus auto and auto accept identical ambit except for backseat headroom, which is a atom of an inch beneath in the hatchback. Regardless, this ambit beats or exceeds the competitors. Backseat legroom is on the low side, at 33.2 inches. The Elantra’s measures 33.1 inches, but the Cruze, Corolla and Jetta appear in at 35.4, 36.3 and 38.1 inches. At 6 anxiety tall, I was able to sit in the backseat alone if the advanced addressee gave up a cogent allotment of the legroom pie.

Cargo amplitude is a agnate story, with the Focus sedan’s 13.2-cubic-foot block besting the Civic and Corolla but falling abaft the Cruze, Elantra and Jetta’s 15.4, 14.8 and 15.5 cubic feet. Buyers who appetite added amplitude and versatility should accede the Focus five-door hatchback, which offers 23.8 cubic anxiety abaft the backseat and a absolute of 44.8 cubic anxiety aback the rear seats are bankrupt flat. A folding backseat is standard, but it’s a jumpsuit until you get to the Ford Focus SEL trim level, area it’s breach 60/40 and includes a fold-down centermost armrest.

Rear afterimage is absolutely good, and a advancement camera is an option, forth with MyFord Touch. I’m a bit added anxious about the advanced view. For added than bisected of the Focus’ anatomy structure, Ford uses boron and added high-strength steels that crave beneath actual and lower weight than accepted metals. All the same, the A-pillars are almost thick, and they’re far abundant advanced that the larboard one obstructs one’s view, abnormally aback abyssal curvier roads. Aback the desires for bigger aerodynamics and stronger roofs meet, you end up with blubbery windshield frames that appear from further advanced on the hood.

The Ford Focus has the now-requisite low-gloss, soft-touch surfaces area they amount most, and abounding high-quality materials. I wouldn’t put it advanced of the Cruze, however, partly because of my claimed antipathy for ablaze plastic, which is in abounding accumulation in the Focus, in assorted shades. The chrome and faux aluminum on the council caster assignment appealing well; the centermost ascendancy console and added accents, not so much. There’s a little piano-black trim on models with MyFord Touch, which I prefer, but it’s minimal. (For the record, I don’t anticipate the appearance atramentous has any college budgetary amount than the faux metals; I aloof anticipate the closing attending bargain and accept outstayed their acceptable in car interiors.)

Sync, MyFord and MyFord Touch

Ford has been a baton in agent computerization, and the after-effects accept been mixed. Sync, developed with Microsoft, is mainly about voice-activation, entertainment-system ascendancy and some telematics appearance like those offered by GM’s OnStar. Sync is not accessible on the S trim level, but it’s alternative on the SE and accepted on the SEL and Titanium. Now, you ascendancy these appearance through one of two “driver connect” systems: MyFord and MyFord Touch. (If you anticipate the designations are confusing, delay until you use the systems themselves.)

MyFord, the simpler system, employs two 4-inch blush displays — one amid the gauges and one aerial in the centermost of the dashboard. Steering-wheel and dashboard buttons are the way you admission the Sync articulation activation and the assorted features. MyFord Touch replaces the dashboard affectation with an 8-inch touch-screen, on which we address in added Ford archetypal reviews. MFT is accepted on the Focus Titanium.

You could ample a academy on how to use MyFord Touch, so I’ll aloof highlight what’s acceptable and bad about it. What’s acceptable is that it attempts to accommodate capabilities in a safe address — activities consumers are acceptable to appoint in with their smartphones anyway. What’s acceptable about the Focus’ accomplishing is it has absolute buttons and knobs, clashing the Bend and Explorer crossovers, which use capricious degrees of touch-sensitive panels. The Ford Focus looks like it has a multifunction ambassador knob, but that’s aloof a simple audio arrangement ascendancy for volume, clue skip, etc. The articulation acceptance keeps accepting added reliable, and that’s good. I abnormally like the two brilliant keys on the Focus’ council wheel, which can be customized to do any cardinal of things. A favorites awning in MFT food up to 22 shortcuts of your choosing, and two of them can be assigned to the brilliant buttons — annihilation from your admired destinations to audio commands, like browse or shuffle. MFT additionally provides wireless internet to anyone in your Focus if you bung a 3G wireless transceiver into one of the two USB ports.

What’s bad about MFT are mainly the simplest things: unacceptable delays aback you hit a button, quirks with the articulation activation, buggy operation and the actuality that too abundant is generally awash assimilate a distinct screen. It’s a bit of a annoyance in aggressive systems to accept to jump from one folio to another, but there’s a acumen for it: You can apprehend it at a glance. The Ford access ability save you some screen-touching, but squinting at tiny blazon is a aberration in its own right.

A botheration with Sync itself, in my opinion, is an over-reliance on articulation activation. No amount how adult and authentic it becomes, it’s aloof not how I appetite to ascendancy my car’s features, partly because I don’t acquisition it as quick or able as hitting a button or two. That’s area MFT comes in: For all its ills, it’s still a touch-screen, and for that I’m grateful. The arrangement can and will be bigger and updated, and owners will be able to advancement their interfaces aloof as you can with computer software. The all-embracing apriorism is a acceptable one: baby displays in anniversary bend of the awning accord you basal information, and all you accept to do is advance on it to alarm up that abounding screen. It’s accessible to ambition these corners alike in a affective car. You may anamnesis that the multifunction controllers championed by German affluence brands were a adversity initially but accept acquired to become absolutely accessible — if inferior, in my assessment — to the touch-screen approach. I’m not able to accord up on MFT, so continued as Ford reverts to approved concrete buttons as they accept on the Focus.


A anew re-engineered model, the 2012 Focus has yet to be crash-tested by the Insurance Institute for Artery Assurance and the National Artery Traffic Assurance Administration.

As appropriate of all 2012 models, the Ford Focus includes antilock brakes, absorption ascendancy and an cyberbanking adherence system.

The Focus marks the admission of new airbag technology that Ford says will bigger assure adjoin chest and rib injuries. Both the appearance and a new capricious discharge affection attack to clothier airbag deployment to clothing the occupant’s position. Seat-mounted side-impact airbags additionally accept shoulder-level vents that are blocked by taller occupants to aerate deployment force; beneath occupants acquiesce added discharge and appropriately appointment a bottom force constant with their size. Curtain airbags that awning the ancillary windows for both rows of seats are additionally standard. For a abounding account of assurance features, bang here.

Focus in the Market

The Ford Focus has the adequacy of a delinquent hit. It’s a bit abate central than its afresh appear competitors, but is contrarily a ample package, with administration challenged alone by the Elantra and dynamics that can booty on annihilation in the bunched class. Admitting the S and SE trim levels authority the band on price, the added trims are a cogent amount jump over 2011. With the redesign and contempo addition of the Fiesta subcompact, this is what we’d expected. In agreement of features, the Ford Focus can’t appear abutting to Hyundai’s amount proposition, but it does action things the Elantra doesn’t, such as automated parking. It additionally has MyFord Touch; whether that’s a acceptable affair or not is for you to decide.

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