Dwayne Johnson Ford Bronco 2021 Spesification

dwayne johnson ford bronco 2020

The big sedan class isn't what it was once. Fewer automakers provide them as a result of customers are increasingly gravitating to SUVs and extremely succesful midsize sedans. This Automobiles, nonetheless, is one brand that is still carrying the torch. The truth is, it is doubled down. Redesigned simply final 12 months, the automotive simultaneously exemplifies and upends the conventions of the class.

Like past automotive (and most large sedans), this latest model has a V6 engine that delivers easy acceleration. It additionally has a roomy interior. Although only barely larger than the Camry, the Avalon has acres of legroom for all occupants and a better percentage of premium supplies. The Avalon lends itself properly to long highway trips because of the supportive outboard seats and minimal wind noise.

dwayne johnson ford bronco 2020

This Automobiles additionally performs towards sort by bringing efficiency into the picture. The automotive, with nimble dealing with and quick steering, is surprisingly up to the challenge of zipping alongside a curvy highway. There's even a brand new TRD model this 12 months with a sport-tuned suspension. If you want an uncompromising mix of performance and luxury, take into account the top Touring trim. It's equipped with adaptive dampers that soften the trip or sharpen handling on the press of a button — a rare feature for this kind of vehicle.

Downsides? Effectively, there's not an enormous quantity of headroom, which is odd for this class of vehicle, and Android Auto smartphone integration is conspicuously missing from the features list. However general, we predict highly of the automotive. It's a particular step up in terms of quality and comfort compared to the Camry, and it's probably the most well-rounded decide compared to rivals such because the Chrysler 300 and the Kia Cadenza.

Ashby Rd., 13705-Cheryl G. Dowling and Constance C. Gray to Luisa Gutierrez, $400,000.

dwayne johnson ford bronco 2020
 New Model and Performance

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 First Drive

Blackmon Dr., 14313-Barbara Ann and Jerome F. Power to D’Alizza Mercedes, $485,000.

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Parkland Dr., 12909-Fredy A. and Sylvia M. Robles to Wilfredo and Juan C. Hernandez Diaz, $400,000.

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Weiss St., 12704-Ying Chen to Jose Isabel Ramos and Ana G. Garcia, $412,000.

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Bullard Cir., 102-Melissa Ann Esposito to Hongyan Xu and Daqi Cui, $1.14 million.

Casey Lane, 334-Sean M. Angeles and Jee Hye Moon to Xuemei Zhou, $583,000.

Cloister Dr., 4817-Herbert H. Epstein and Michelle F. Zlotnik to Bruce S. and Fredericka N. Berger, $715,000.

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Grand Oak Way, 1065-Julie S. Piantanida and Lenora S. Shapiro to Emilios A. Papanastasiou and Vasiliki D. Anagnostopoulos, $672,000.

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Peonies Terr., 504-Judith A. and Edward J. Butcher to Grant William and Rachael Ann Pearce, $1.07 million.

Red Fox Rd., 4716-Michael J. and Carmen D. Scurato to Joseph Ran Wang and Tracy Smyers Flanders, $470,000.

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Saint James Rd., 12520-Matthew R. and Laura W. Gittleson to Mary Cristina Formica, $650,000.

Sugarbush Lane, 5706-Quantum Properties Corp. to Farah Assadipour and Paul Nirmal Singh, $1.19 million.

Tildenwood Dr., 12213-Levy Paul Sumner to Jerry Lau and Hoi Ting Cheung, $570,000.

Brooke Rd., 18601-Joseph D. Ziegenbein to Zachary R. Calvitt and Karen E. Zeiter, $435,000.


Appenine Ct., 21300-Richard D. and Wanda M. Miante to Aleyda Turcios De Bustamante, $618,500.

Gateshead Cir., 20023, No. 136-Thomas Liang to Shannalean Felix Sarmiento, $240,000.

Hickory Forest Way, 21103-Lester and Karin C. Bonnett to Marcus E. and Tyra R. Peanort, $589,900.

Red Buckeye Ct., 20211-Matthew and Cheryl Painter Smith to Nabil Y. Suleiman, $295,000.

Severndale Terr., 20908-Benjamin C. and Mary Ann Mangus to Chase J. and Lisette O. Engel, $420,000.

Village Green Cir., 21305-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and IndyMac Mortgage Loan Trust to Rosa Ingles and Luis Enrique Julca Mejia, $428,400.

Bonifant St., 817-Silver Spring Properties Corp. to Mark William and Barbara Lancaster Weiss, $1.25 million.

Devon Ct., 108-Laszlo B. De Simon Jr. to David and Heather Olson, $600,000.

Grant Ave., 10005-Scott D. and Regina S. Rabenhorst to Jeffrey D. Caudill and Judith Graff, $500,000.

Harvey Rd., 9204-Sarah J. Dale and acreage of Elizabeth M.R. Atzert to Neil P. and Angela C. Fallon, $672,500.

Lyttonsville Rd., 1900, No. 1217-Hartley Contracts Corp. and Hernhart Corp. to Brandon Alan Irwin, $178,500.

Red Oak Dr., 1535-Laura L. Hagmann to Monisha Kaul, $795,000.

Twin Holly Lane, 702-Stephen Brushett and Refiloe Bam to Frank Cristina and Ariel Bierbaum, $649,000.

Eastern Ave., 6301-Amt Development Corp. to Babu Stephen and Tejus Stephen George, $620,000.

Jackson Ave., 7512-Jelena Srebric to Alex J. Dorfman and Maren Dyste Farris, $675,000.

Maple Ave., 7611, No. 708-Sophia L. Parkes to Kyle Walker, $230,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 7324-Paul L. Oostburg Sanz and Tonya T. Robinson to Emily Bussigel and Garrett Coyle, $862,750.

Woodland Ave., 7004-Matthew G. and Bridgette L. Kaiser to Nikolas Myint and Amanda J. Booth, $865,000.

Wade Ave., 705-Chad M. and Nicole E. Richman to Joseph Samuel Dobbs, $351,000.

Amherst Ave., 10855, No. 202-Thomas Romano and Meredith Richman to Maria Diane Clarke, $300,000.

Arvin St., 2611-Jean Schreier and acreage of Ermona B. McGoodwin to Jaimie Catoe and Phillip Urbanczyk, $415,000.

Bucknell Dr., 10517-Sirgute Mandefro and Hassen Mohammed to Peter Erick and Korinne Irene Buckwalter Super, $440,000.

Cone Lane, 11020-Thomas D. Cicala and acreage of Vincent Cicala to Chelsea McKinley and James Clark, $410,000.

Gates Ave., 10101-Jonathan and Meredith B. Lilley to David W. Jones, $561,000.

Grandview Ave., 11436-Manuel P. Deguzman to Shelema Bekele, $465,000.

Julep Ave., 10403-Dagoberto and Sonia Beltran to Jaime Antonio Ochoa Gomez and Juana A. Gonzalez, $349,000.

Kramer St., 3018-Shah 001 Corp. to Andrew Hall and Noelle Sowinski, $430,000.

Parker Ave., 2411-Victor R. and Victor E. Palmeiro to Geoffrey and Maricel Claro, $675,000.

Saw Mill Ct., 12014-Francois Boller and Jaleh Hafizi to Oron Edwardson and Yvette Denise Carty, $495,000.

Valleywood Dr., 12112-German and Ayn Marroquin to Edward Chan, $310,000.

Frederick County

These sales abstracts recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation in November were provided by Black Knight Inc. For advice about added residential absolute acreage transactions, appointment washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Adamstown Commons Dr., 5516-Bank of New York Mellon and CWMBS to Jamil Mousa Azat, $341,250.

Potomac View Pkwy., 703-Christopher A. and Mary M. Stitely to Keith Dudley, $315,000.


Glen Hill Ct., 5619-Cindy L. McKnight to Joshua D. and Crystal J. Burns, $330,000.

Taneytown Pike, 11628-Gretchen M. Green and acreage of Michael C. Keilholtz to Larry and Kathleen Miller, $379,000.


Basford Rd., 3009-Mark B. Trimble and acreage of Max C. Trimble to Gregory M. Huber, $337,000.

Britannic Pl., 6535-Marcus D. and Markia R. Roberts to Adegbite O. and Cecilia Oyewusi, $359,000.

Cawley Dr., 589, No. 2-Charles G. and Linda K. Beekley to Daniel Miles, $169,900.

Corral Lane, 5509-Li Hau and Ching Lung Su to Scott L. and Barbara A. Klein, $350,000.

Fallard Pl., 6813-Alicia Nicholls to Kevin Gonzalez and Diana Azucena Martinez, $275,000.

Jefferson Blvd., 6106-Courtney Leigh Moran to Aaron J. and Erin Atkinson, $495,000.

Larkspur Sq., 6827-K2NC Corp. to Miguel Canales and Miguel A. Hernandez, $224,900.

Murray Terr., 6182, No. A-Elizabeth Cook to Sonia Attemene, $267,000.

Prince William Ct., 5492-Joanne Grove to Yuk Sing Robert Cheng and Ching Chan, $260,000.

Seagull Ct., 6683-Sunvest Corp. to Jonathan Camarena Ramirez and Yesenia A. Medrano, $272,000.

Whitney Terr., 4944-Anthony D. and Marie G. Summerville to Lun and Zhenyu Li, $229,000.


Catoctin Ave., 112-Estate of John Norman Bartgis II to Adam J. Schlager and Rachel Anne Warren, $252,650.

Egret Way, 2717-Lisa H. Shuster to Wendy Pik Yi Pang, $320,000.

Maxwell Sq., 24, No. 14-Matthew and Paige Somerville to Lesley McTaggart Hildebrand, $475,000.

Old Annapolis Trail, 3003-Lorraine A. Zelna to Michael P. Trout, $530,000.

Pine Crest Lane, 6105-Mark A. Gladhill to Paula J. Carney, $304,000.

Rippling Brook Rd., 2435-Zhiquan Dong and Yabo Mao to Edward L. and Antonette Zendejas, $320,000.

Sebastian Blvd., 1808-Christine A. Draper to Andrea V. Parodi and Matthew E. Salomon, $269,900.

Springwater Pl., 6101, No. 1103-Federal National Mortgage Association to Joseph A. Zdrojewski, $204,900.

Trafalgar Lane, 1411, No. 72-Frederick and Teena L. Broadrup to Ashley H. Kronson, $259,900.

Third St. E., 15-John Paul Lambertson and Truby Lagarde to Steven M. and Patricia E. McCardell Mertens, $500,000.

Sixth St. E., 210-Phillip S. and Sue W. Norton to Lisa A. Zecher and Phyllis E. Freeman, $344,500.


Catoctin Ct., 2500, No. 1-3C-Mary V. Jodon to James T. and Joanne R. McCoy, $195,000.

Edgemont Rd., 7020-Estate of Patricia I. Williams to Roxana Ivethe Escobar Mendoza, $230,000.

Harpers Way, 203-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Shive K.L. Gowda and Vijaya L. Gowda, $230,000.

Lindfield Dr., 1023-David E. and Kiyo H. Bedard to Carlos Sweeney, $434,900.

Regiment Way, 1904-Jason P. and Breka L. Arnold to Scott and Rosina Preston, $387,000.

Saxton Dr., 1117-Dream Finders Homes Corp. to Alexander Gray Bates and Genevieve Light Kelley, $443,420.

Stonegate Dr., 144-Catoctin Ridge Partnership to Janice H. Rennels, $181,000.

Walnut Ridge Ct., 2102-Terry A. Hamilton and Craig E. Johnson to Diosis De Castellon De Araniva, Maricela Torres, Christian Vargas and Jennifer Vargas, $425,000.

Etterbeek St., 5937-NVR Inc. to Tai Vo Duy Nguyen, $331,023.

Bessie Clemson Rd., 9219-Amy Therese and Fredderick Harold Chandler to Lawrence Ryder and Heather Baldwin, $740,000.

Holter Rd., 7229-Thomas D. and Bonnie Remsberg to Jessica M. and Alex W. Gretsinger, $425,000.

Rod Cir., 213-Mark A. and Cheryl S. Niemeyer to Brandon and Atifeh Ginevan, $499,900.

Lynn Burke Rd., 5010-Roland and Carol Viens to Spencer A. and Lauren E. Areson, $418,000.

Viridian Terr., 4295-Winchester Homes Inc. to Selorm F. and Tselotie Tsegah, $635,420.

Meeting House Rd., 11402-Paula S. and James E. Ross to Julie and Evan Ross, $400,000.


Harvest Terr., 800-Chad S. Dorfman to Christina Picard, $490,000.

Ladoga Lane, 6610-Arthur A. and Melanie B. Rabeau to Natilee and Sarah Norman, $354,900.

Twin Lake Ct., 6594-Scott and Carly Eikenbary to Anders Vidstrand and Sarah Moran, $325,000.


Motters Station Rd., 13725-Andrew T. and Heather L. Mathias to Rachel M. Wiles, $295,000.

Orchard Rd., 15140-Richard L. Troxell and Lisa M. Lovelace to Amber N. Frantz, $250,000.

Bealls Farm Rd., 9247-Monocacy Land Co. Corp. to Katherine Estelle Conti and Joseph M. Dunn, $589,315.

Broad Branch Way, 5824-Craig R. and Jamese J. Hilliard to Hassan and Natalia Moustahfid, $445,000.

Kendall Dr., 3817-Nicholas J. and Lindsey N. Wade to David J. and Rebecca Paulos, $710,000.

Spicebush Dr., 3731-Long Cui to Louis R. and Larissa N. Gbone, $580,000.

Inspiration Ave., 8530-House Buyers of America Inc. to Kandace M. Ramseur, $265,000.

Dublin Rd., 11217-Relo Direct Government Services Corp. to Matthew and Lauren Zaryk, $619,900.

— Compiled by Lisa M. Bolton

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