Nissan Concept 2021 Price Review

nissan concept 2020 price

The massive sedan class is not what it was. Fewer automakers supply them as a result of customers are more and more gravitating to SUVs and extremely succesful midsize sedans. This Cars, nonetheless, is one model that is nonetheless carrying the torch. The truth is, it's doubled down. Redesigned simply last year, the automobile simultaneously exemplifies and upends the conventions of the category.

Like previous automotive (and most large sedans), this newest mannequin has a V6 engine that delivers easy acceleration. It also has a roomy inside. Though solely barely larger than the Camry, the Avalon has acres of legroom for all occupants and a better proportion of premium materials. The Avalon lends itself effectively to long highway journeys because of the supportive outboard seats and minimal wind noise.

nissan concept 2020 price

This Vehicles also performs towards type by bringing performance into the picture. The car, with nimble handling and fast steering, is surprisingly as much as the challenge of zipping along a curvy road. There's even a brand new TRD mannequin this 12 months with a sport-tuned suspension. If you would like an uncompromising blend of efficiency and luxury, take into account the highest Touring trim. It is geared up with adaptive dampers that soften the trip or sharpen dealing with on the press of a button — a rare feature for such a vehicle.

Downsides? Well, there's not an enormous amount of headroom, which is odd for this class of vehicle, and Android Auto smartphone integration is conspicuously lacking from the options list. However overall, we predict extremely of the car. It is a definite step up when it comes to high quality and comfort in comparison with the Camry, and it is essentially the most well-rounded pick in comparison with rivals such as the Chrysler 300 and the Kia Cadenza.

This never-was Dodge M80 abstraction might’ve singlehandedly jumpstarted America’s corrupt small-truck bazaar in the aboriginal 2000s.

nissan concept 2020 price
nissan concept 2021 price

Release Date and Concept nissan concept 2021 price

Most abstraction cars and trucks wow on the auto appearance circuit, but are anon forgotten. The appearance cars, trucks and SUVs featured actuality accept ashore in the minds of Roadshow’s editors far longer, and they serve as aces reminders that aloof about every automaker has absent an befalling or two to accompany article abundant to new-car shoppers in America’s showrooms.

While best appearance cars tend to be high-dollar flights of fancy, the cartage apparent actuality weren’t aloof afterpiece to absoluteness than your boilerplate concept, they were advised with a admeasurement of everyday-consumer affordability in mind. We asked our editors to appear up with concepts that allegedly would’ve amount about the (inflation-adjusted) agnate of $40,000 — alone a few thousand dollars added than the amount of the boilerplate new car. Here’s what their continued memories came up with.

“It’s the ’49 Ford by a landslide!” proclaimed one chichi advertisement for the 1949 Ford. This was the aboriginal absolutely redesigned archetypal the Dearborn-based automaker had offered in added than four decades. Gone were the solid axles, axle blade springs and torque-tube drivetrain that had been Ford staples aback the Archetypal N debuted about 1906. That car was new from the anatomy on up, and it had to be. The fate of the ol’ Henry’s aggregation adequate on its streamlined, arch fenders. 

Luckily for Ford, the ’49 archetypal was a smashing success, extenuative it from banking ruin. Paying admiration to this groundbreaking archetypal ambit was the appropriately alleged Forty-Nine concept, which debuted at the Detroit Auto Appearance in 2001. Resembling a heavily customized artery rod, this architecture abstraction could accept fabricated ancestors cars cool. Instead, at the time, Ford was agreeable affairs its municipal-grade Crown Victoria, which was about as agitative as a confined of Metamucil.

With about impossibly apple-pie flanks and basal trim, the Forty-Nine abstraction accepted beneath could be more, aloof like the aboriginal that aggressive it. Added awakening aspects of this machine’s architecture included “Ford” spelled out on the hood’s arch edge, angled headlamps and babyish exoteric mirrors. Inside, the all-in-one annular barometer array and two-spoke council caster were designs adopted from the original, as well. But the similarities didn’t end there. Beneath this concept’s awning was a 3.9-liter, 32-valve V8 backed by a five-speed automated transmission. Oddly enough, that’s the aforementioned agent displacement as the 239-cubic-inch flathead V8 that was offered in the 1949 and consecutive postwar Fords.

— Craig Cole

Being a third-generation Mazda RX-7 owner, I usually get bent up the rumors of its acknowledgment and pay abutting absorption to any of the Japanese company’s exploits involving rotary engines. The RX-Vision abstraction from 2015 was no exception, actuality a two-seat, front-engine, rear-wheel-drive appearance car powered by a next-generation Skyactiv-R Wankel.

With all of that, the RX-Vision boasted the adapt for a new RX-7 with some adorable looks to boot. If Mazda did adjudge to cull the activate and acknowledgment the RX-7 to the assembly world, the RX-Vision would accept been a applicable way to go at the time. A new Acura NSX was accepted to be on the way and signs of a new Toyota Supra were on the border in the anatomy of the FT-1 Concept.

Five years later, there still isn’t a new RX-7, which is a bummer. Nor does Mazda accept a assembly agent utilizing a rotary engine, admitting it’s reportedly tinkering about with this blueprint for amalgam applications. If the stars adjust for a new rotary-powered sports car, I apperceive that Mazda already has a acceptable starting point with the RX-Vision.

— Jon Wong

Of all the cartage on this list, the Volkswagen GX3 is not alone the best absurd of them to abide in any form, it’s actual acceptable the abstraction that came abutting to landing in dealerships. This three-wheeled abstraction angled at the Los Angeles Auto Appearance in 2006, and it came aural a hair’s across of alternation production, with ancestor analysis cartage spotted for months as VW formed to adamant out the trike’s achievement and buildability.

When it was revealed, the California-designed VW abstraction promised scintillating-for-the-day achievement (including 0 to 62 mph in 5.7 abnormal and 1.25 gs on the skidpad), acceptable ammunition ability (46 afar per gallon burghal on Europe’s then-current analysis cycle), and a startlingly affordable amount — beneath $17,000. For perspective, that’s about $4,000 cheaper than a abject Mazda MX-5 Miata that aforementioned year, or aloof over $22,000 in today’s dollars. Powered by a 1.6-liter four butt acclimatized to a six-speed manual, the rear-wheel-drive GX3 autocycle advised able-bodied beneath 1,300 pounds, featured affability by Lotus and looked like an complete riot.

All of this was music to my aerial as a young, cash-strapped automotive journalist. I went so far as to put my name on a account at a bounded VW dealer. The GX3 was slated to access in dealerships in the bounce of 2007, but that day never came — admitting VW advisers adage they could accomplish money on the agent appropriate from the outset. Why? The fun police. Abnormally in a apple before autocycle legislation, VW’s product-liability attorneys allegedly aloof wouldn’t accept a agent afterwards adherence control, airbags or added assurance features. Bummer.

— Chris Paukert

Here’s a abstraction that I anticipate both should accept been congenital years ago and should be put into assembly now. The Jeepster was Jeep’s abstraction of a crossover that accumulated the attributes of a sports car with an off-roader, a adequately abolitionist abstraction aback in the 1990s, but a wholly accustomed one now.

Compared to the Wrangler of the time, the Jeepster looked like it was from two decades in the future. And abiding enough, it still looks appealing avant-garde now. The Jeepster was bedeviled by abbreviate overhangs, a continued hood, flared fenders and a coupe-like roofline with a bendable top that rolls all the way back. It alike had an electronically adjustable abeyance to aerate adequacy both on and off the road.

The Jeepster acclimated the aforementioned 4.7-liter V8 from the not-quite-released Grand Cherokee of the era, akin to a four-speed automated chiral and four-wheel drive. I anticipate article like the Jeepster could absolutely assignment in 2021 as a road-oriented analogue to the Wrangler. Anatomy it off the next-gen Grand Cherokee’s platform, accord it FCA’s accounted new inline-six, and bam! You’ve got a Jeep “sports car.”

— Daniel Golson

I apperceive what you’re allegedly thinking: “Wait, didn’t Toyota accomplish the FR-S?” Yes, afore Scion was put out to affirmation the Toyota 86 was absolutely alleged the Scion FR-S in the US of A. But the S-FR abstraction was meant to be a smaller, lighter and, best importantly, cheaper sports car.

The S-FR was advised to accompany Toyota aback to its sports car celebrity canicule of the ’90s, aback it offered the Celica, MR-2 and Supra as three successively pricier fun options. With the Supra aback in the calendar and the 86 still soldiering on, the front-engine, rear-drive S-FR would accept been an alike added failing way into the Toyota sports car family.

While its cutesy administration wasn’t to everyone’s affection aback the car debuted at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the car was said to be activity into near-immediate assembly the afterward year with a 128-horsepower, 1.5-liter agent and a amount in the Japanese bazaar of aloof $12,500 (around $13,600 today). Yes, that cheap. Sadly, allocution of the S-FR about anon vaporized afterwards its debut, but not our desires for article this fun and that cheap.

— Tim Stevens

What bigger agent to actualize the awe-inspiring abstraction car designs of the backward 1980s than the Plymouth Voyager III? I mean, it’s a minivan that you can breach up!

That modularity was the Voyager III’s raison d’etre. The advanced cab of this massive van could breach off into its own bunched car. The cab’s rear auto were hidden by those spats, tucked abroad aback aggregate is absorbed up. Why bother affairs two cars aback you can accept a ancestors hauler able of shrinking for quick trips into active areas? 

The powertrain was additionally alluringly weird. There were two abstracted engines, one for anniversary bisected of the vehicle. At atomic one of them acclimated propane as its ability source. The powerplants could assignment alone or in tandem, a automated complication that I’m abiding would aftereffect in agent adjustment bills allusive home adjustment bills.

(Note: While we couldn’t acquisition abounding photos of this earlier concept, we did locate the alluringly chapped in-period video from the Chicago Auto Show shown above.)

— Andrew Krok

Long afore “Demon” meant an 840-hp Challenger, Dodge planned to use the name for article acutely different. Originally debuting at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, the Dodge Demon Abstraction was a small, two-seat auto — then-DaimlerChrysler’s acknowledgment to the Mazda MX-5 Miata, Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky.

The specs were promising: 172 hp from a 2.4-liter I4, a six-speed chiral transmission, rear-wheel drive and a 2,600-pound barrier weight. It looked production-ready, alike as a abstraction car, and Dodge had every ambition of architecture this roadster. Hell, I alike got to drive the abstraction (briefly), and it acquainted abuse abreast accessible to roll.

So, what happened? Shortly afterwards the Demon’s introduction, DaimlerChrysler split, Chrysler was awash to Cerberus, budgets were cut, projects were scrapped and again the accomplished industry fell apart, with Chrysler (and added US automakers) eventually acute a government bailout. As the aggregation struggled to accumulate its amount articles competitive, that larboard no allowance for a small, two-seat auto — air-conditioned as it would’ve been.

— Steven Ewing

Today, Hyundai Motor Aggregation enjoys a admirable acceptability afterwards absolutely reinventing itself in 2009 with the admission of the sixth-generation Sonata, but there was about annihilation air-conditioned about the cast afore that axis point. However, at the 2001 Chicago Auto Show, we got a attenuate glimpse of the automaker’s fun ancillary with the alarming HCD6 Concept.

Billed as an “affordable exotic,” the Hyundai HCD6 was a two-seat auto congenital about a mid-engine, rear-drive platform. With jewel-like headlamps up front, able-bodied flanks amalgam ancillary intakes and a truncated rear with central, high-exit bankrupt — like a McLaren 720S Spider — the little speedster looked like it could’ve been a acute another to the Toyota MR2 Spyder, which was still actuality awash at the time.

Peering through the apparent awning aft of the cockpit appear Hyundai’s Delta V6 — the aforementioned 2.7-liter from the 2000 Santa Fe SUV — with an added achievement of 215 hp. That’s not bad for a tiny auto fabricated alike added failing with carbon cilia anatomy panels.

— Antuan Goodwin

File this one into the “oh, what could accept been” cabinet. The Ford Interceptor abstraction came from a time aback big sedans were authoritative a, well, big comeback. The Chrysler 300 had fabricated a splash, and Dodge got its adaptation in the anatomy of a reborn Charger. At the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, Ford showed its own adaptation of an access in that segment.

The Interceptor did its best to portray a tough-guy attitude, with a advanced fascia abounding of barred chrome, as was the Ford architecture trend at the time, and a rather muscular, yet rather affected rear end. Based on the Ford Mustang platform, the Interceptor copped a basal advanced overhang and a actively able-bodied attitude at the rear. In all, it was meant to anamnesis some of Ford’s iconic sedans from the past, and to accomplish things better, there was a 5.0-liter V8 acquainted to accomplish 400 hp beneath the hood, and a six-speed chiral transmission.

This was absolutely an era-appropriate abstraction car. Whether it was anytime beneath austere application isn’t anon clear, but it could accept accustomed Blue Oval association a absolute another to the 300/Charger duo. Both of those abide to acquisition success today. Instead, we got a reborn Taurus with some architecture cues from the Interceptor. Oh, what could accept been.

— Sean Szymkowski

Don’t bethink the Regina? Don’t feel bad. It was one of those awe-inspiring Tokyo Auto Salon debuts that was odd at the time and again fell into the dustbin of history. Still, I anticipate it looked appealing air-conditioned in a Japanese-trying-to-be-French affectionate of way, and I ambition it would accept been built.

Originally accepted as Regina and afterwards renamed G70 (as apparent in the aloft photo, which is alone like one of two that still exists somehow), this concept’s administration was a mix of Citroën DS and Ami, but with a plasticky affection that weirdly worked, and on paper, at least, the engineering articulate good, too. Suzuki absurd it as a 1,600-pound car that could eke out 75 mpg, so it’s absurd to accept been exciting, but hey, it’s a Suzuki.

Sadly, Suzuki fell off the automotive map in the US in 2012, so we never got to see if the Regina (definitely not arresting like the burghal in Saskatchewan) would accept played able-bodied in our market, admitting I doubtable not.

— Kyle Hyatt

While it seems that aggregate abroad at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has been Hellcatted, the Jeep Wrangler has yet to advance out added than 300 hp. However, at the 50th-annual Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah in 2016, Jeep assuredly blimp a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 beneath the hood, authoritative my dreams of acquisition the trails and the chase clue appear true.

OK, maybe “conquering a chase track” is a bit optimistic. Afterwards all, the Trailcat was not congenital for cornering. Solid Dana 60 axles advanced and rear and about 40-inch BF Goodrich Krawler T/A KX tires meant this Jeep, while blame out 707 hp, was still bigger ill-fitted for the clay than the pavement. However, a six-speed chiral chiral was there to up the driver-involvement quotient. 

Though the Trailcat charcoal a concept, all achievement is not lost. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk sports the acclaimed Hellcat agent and boasts an amazing arrangement of ability per dollar. However, it’s a Wrangler with 707 horses that absolutely gets my affection all twitterpated. Hey, a babe can dream, can’t she?

— Emme Hall

Never accept I apparent a abstraction breadth I anticipation “I charge this in my life” added anon than the Honda Project 2&4. Authoritative its admission at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, Honda would annoyance this little two-seater out to about every consecutive all-around auto appearance for at atomic the abutting year. It was like Honda was affliction me with it, but it acutely never begin its way to production.

The 2&4 was billed as a motorcycle/car hybrid, a roadster-like four auto and two seats but ability advancing from a two-wheeled source. Specifically, the company’s RC-213VS, itself a artery adaptation of the company’s then-current MotoGP racer. While a 999-cc agent may complete babyish for a car, this agent produced 212 hp in chase trim. And, of course, it was a appealing babyish car.

How small? Try 893 pounds small. The abstraction had allowance for two, hardly account seats, but was apparent with one of those seats deleted, a cowling accoutrement added amplitude and giving it a appearance not clashing Honda’s archetypal Grand Prix racers of yore. The (non-removable) driver’s bench was carefully positioned as abutting to the arena as possible, giving the ultimate awareness of aerial speed. Honda capital to anatomy it and, added interestingly, capital to accomplish it affordable, but alas, it was never to be.

— Tim Stevens

The Dodge M80 abstraction debuted as retrofuturism administration was extensive a agitation angle globally. This bunched pickup, which drew on stylistic hallmarks of the 1930s and 1940s, rumbled assimilate date at the Detroit Auto Appearance in 2002, aloof as ancestor aggregation DaimlerChrysler was basking in the delinquent success of its PT Cruiser and Ford was rolling out its abrupt bequest Thunderbird. The aboriginal 2000s were a decidedly abundant time for DCX-family concepts, and the M80 charcoal one of the company’s actual best efforts. 

Based on the anatomy and mechanicals of the acceptable Dakota midsize truck, there were rumors the M80 could absolutely adumbrate that model’s replacement. Instead of pie-in-the-sky show-car tech, the M80 was conspicuously buildable and decidedly light. Its 210-hp V6 was able abundant that Dodge estimated a 0-to-60-mph time of about 8 abnormal (no abundant all-overs today, but abreast that of the 5.9-liter Hemi V8-powered Dakota R/T at the time). The M80 additionally had a able-bodied autogenous that accumulated a simple affection set with adorable aesthetics.

Sadly, the ablaze little M80 was acceptable baffled by fears of the industry’s then-moribund babyish barter sales. The closing became a self-fulfilling industry prophecy, with automakers abnegation to accord small-truck buyers new cartage to accept from. Had the M80 fabricated it to production, I don’t anticipate the basal would’ve collapsed out of the segment, as rivals like the Ford Ranger would’ve had to up their bold instead of actuality put out to pasture.

— Chris Paukert

Despite the name Mini, the company’s articles accept gotten clumsily ample in contempo years. That’s been the case for a while now, and aback in 2011, Mini showed a abstraction car that absurd a back-to-basics access at pint-sized motoring: the Rocketman.

Measuring about 11 anxiety long, 6 anxiety advanced and beneath than 5 anxiety tall, the Rocketman was decidedly abate than a Cooper Hardtop from the aforementioned era, and acknowledgment to its carbon spaceframe construction, was about light, too. Inside, it had what Mini alleged a “three-plus-one” basement configuration, and the aggregation said the abstraction acclimated an able powertrain that would’ve been able of article like 78 mpg.

I accumulate captivation my animation that Mini will anytime actualize a super-small car like the Rocketman that slots beneath its now-porky offerings, but I anticipate it’s gonna be a long, continued time afore annihilation like that comes to fruition. 

— Steven Ewing

The anticipation of a US automaker assuming off a adventurous bunched car for assembly in 2021 seems humorous, but eight years ago, General Motors had an abstraction about such a car in the Code 130R. The abstraction angled at the 2012 Detroit Auto Appearance alongside a second, youth-focused concept, the Tru 140S.

It’s the Code 130R that was added amazing of the two. It rode on a rear-wheel-drive platform, arranged a turbocharged, 1.4-liter I4 with mild-hybrid technology and accurate three pedals with a stick-shift. It was a absolutely rad, American acknowledgment to the Subaru BRZ and added adventurous compacts. It additionally managed to bedrock a retro-but-kind-of-modern architecture that I still anticipate looks playfully affronted in a way, and it came at a time aback “performance” at Chevy alone meant bottomward added banknote on a Camaro or Corvette.

I anticipate it should’ve apparent production, but as GM mulled it over, the bazaar fabricated a abrupt about-face to crossovers and SUVs. Maybe the world’s adolescence would’ve collapsed in love, or begin a airy almsman to the Cobalt SS, but I doubtable GM assumption acicular to the Camaro and a accessible turbo-four alternative to awning their bases and accumulate the Code 130R on the shelf. And aloof like that, my dreams for a babyish Chevelle died.

— Sean Szymkowski

Remember aback 2010 was some abroad time that would about absolutely attending like The Jetsons? Yeah, I bethink it too, which is why it’s fun to attending at old abstraction cars, like the 1996 Ford Synergy here, which absurd a midsize ancestors auto in the year 2010.

While we absolutely didn’t get a Taurus from Ford that looked annihilation like the Synergy, wouldn’t that accept been the coolest? I mean, attending at this thing. It’s about plucked from Tron, with batty administration on the advanced end that about makes the car attending like a garden implement. And the rear end about has a pre-war coachbuilt feel to it. Brainstorm activity to the dealer, affairs this and accepting it be apparent as a applied decision.

While the administration never materialized, its powertrain absolutely reeks of avant-garde technology. Beneath the anatomy was a 1.0-liter agent that fed ability to an electric motor, targeting 80 mpg overall. Voice acceptance was additionally a accurate little accession — article that’s about accepted on every new agent now.

— Andrew Krok

I don’t aloof anticipate Toyota should accept congenital the RSC abstraction SUV aback in 2001 aback it was aboriginal apparent — I anticipate the aggregation should anatomy it now. It was a rally-inspired, two-door crossover with affected looks, and it rode on the then-current RAV4 platform. What about that wouldn’t assignment in 2021?

The RSC — “Rugged Sports Coupe” — was advised by Toyota’s CALTY flat in California, with the abrupt to actualize “an absolutely new concept.” Admitting actuality advised about two decades ago, the RSC still looks beginning as hell. It’s got alarming boxed fender flares, insect-like lighting elements, center-exit bankrupt and a abundant attitude acknowledgment to 19-inch wheels, abbreviate wheelbase and raked hatch. The autogenous was a lot added concept-like with a minimalist attending and antagonism brazier seats. The administration could calmly be adapted to added fit in with 2021 architecture accent while befitting the aboriginal concept’s spirit and coolness.

Toyota didn’t acknowledge what affectionate of powertrain the RSC acclimated above adage it had four-wheel drive, but I’ve got an abstraction of what a avant-garde adaptation could use. The new GR Yaris is aural a few inches of the RSC in breadth and wheelbase, and it uses a accepted four-wheel-drive system. Oh, the GR Yaris additionally has a 268-hp, three-cylinder agent and a chiral transmission. Now brainstorm that in the RSC’s body, which could be produced in a college aggregate to accumulate costs bottomward — and be awash worldwide, clashing the Yaris. Toyota, are you listening?

— Daniel Golson

Don’t get me wrong, the assembly Kia Stinger is one of my admired cars on auction today, but way aback in 2014, the (very different) Stinger GT4 abstraction took all my preconceptions about the value-oriented Korean car cast and kicked them in the ass.

With a actively adventurous continued hood, short-deck auto administration and a focus on low weight and disciplinarian engagement, the GT4 abstraction is one of my best favorites and one that I still anchorage some achievement for Kia building. As concepts go, it’s not that alien at all, and with a 330-hp four-cylinder agent and a six-speed chiral ‘box, it would accord abounding enactment action coupes a absolute run for their money today.

When it comes to specific architecture touches, you can see that the Stinger GT4 was meant as a affectionate of adulation letter to the designers’ admired sports cars. The bolt aperture pulls scream Porsche, the anatomy appearance and burden breadth alarm to apperception the Datsun 240Z and the shifter puts me in apperception of Volvo’s V70 and S60R with their (in)famous “Space Ball” accessory lever.

— Kyle Hyatt

Imposing design: check. Sparkly amber paint: check. (It’s brown, right? I’m a bit colorblind.) Hemi-V8 power: check. Suicide doors: check. Huge autogenous space: check. For me, Chrysler’s Imperial abstraction from 2006 checks all the appropriate boxes; it’s aggregate I appetite in an flush auto and more.

This august four-door was advised to be article of Rolls-Royce Phantom adversary at a Mopar price, but alas, it never came to fruition. The automaker had advised to anatomy this architecture abstraction on a continued adaptation of the Chrysler 300’s basal platform, addition the wheelbase to a appropriately august 123 inches, an access of 17. It was additionally declared to be bisected a bottom taller and coast forth on aberrant 22-inch wheels, but aerial ammunition prices and bread-and-butter fallout from the Abundant Recession put the anathema on all this. 

Nothing about the Imperial’s architecture or agreement was alien abundant that it couldn’t be built. It didn’t affection a cold-fusion drivetrain, full-autonomous adequacy or seats blimp with accoutrement plucked from the wings of Pegasus. It’s a car Chrysler should accept built, a archetypal that could accept animated the cast to heights it hasn’t apparent aback the 1920s. 

— Craig Cole

When the Mitsubishi Concept-RA debuted at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, it provided a blink of achievement to Eclipse auto fans. By that time, they had been served two underwhelming ancestors of Eclipses that didn’t alive up to the acceptability of their predecessors. Turbocharged engines and accessible all-wheel drive were absolutely far aback in the rearview mirror, but the Concept-RA featured both.

Mitsubishi never clearly said the Concept-RA previewed a next-gen Eclipse, but it wasn’t abundant of amplitude to anticipate it could’ve apparent production. The action auto concept’s 2.2-liter turbodiesel four-cylinder aerated out 201 hp and 310 pound-feet of torque, baffled to all four auto through the all-wheel-drive arrangement adopted from the Lancer Evolution. 

Sadly, elements of the Concept-RA never did accomplish their way to a new Eclipse coupe, which abolished afterward the 2012 archetypal year. And that’s too bad, because an Eclipse with a turbo engine, all-wheel drive and glossy looks would accept acquired absolutely a commotion in the action bunched world. Plus, it would accept assuredly accustomed the Eclipse affectionate a able almsman to the first- and second-gen cars. 

— Jon Wong

The Nissan IDx Nismo was allotment of a conceptual duo that debuted at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, rolling assimilate the arena alongside the IDx Freeflow. Together, the IDx concepts hinted at a awakening of the bunched Datsuns of the 1970s with their reverse-slant noses and boxlike profiles, but the red-and-black Nismo abstraction was calmly the added agitative of the two, abnormally for admirers of bunched performance.

The concepts aggregate agnate bones, with the IDx Nismo appropriate itself with a rear-wheel-drive powertrain and a 1.6-liter turbocharged engine. This would’ve acceptable been a hotted-up adaptation of the Juke Nismo’s powerplant, so account about 200 hp. If there’s one detail that gave me pause, it’s the CVT with a six-speed “manual shift” mode. This abstraction absolutely adapted a accurate chiral shifter.

Aside from the blatant red and atramentous graphics, the IDx Nismo additionally featured a larger, added wheel-and-tire admixture than its congenial twin, as able-bodied as a side-exit exhaust. The autogenous was additionally added chase axial cockpit than the above Freeflow. Entering the affair aloof a year afterwards the Chevrolet Code 130R abstraction — additionally featured on this account — the IDx concepts could accept been cheap, fun and able competitors to Toyota’s 86 and Subaru’s BRZ.

— Antuan Goodwin

When the accepted Miata isn’t ablaze enough, actuality comes the Speedster abstraction from the 2015 SEMA show. Tipping the scales at aloof over 2,000 pounds, the Speedster went afterwards a windshield or roof. I’d acclaim a full-face helmet for this one, y’all.

Also acid weight were carbon-fiber seats and 16-inch Extreme Gram Lights auto for bargain unsprung weight. The Speedster was accomplished off in a new blush alleged Blue Ether.

While we will never see the Speedster in production, I dig that Mazda’s abstraction went afterwards the hardcore enthusiast. The aggregation managed to booty an already great, failing sports car and about-face it into article bigger and purer. However, if you appetite to abridge and add animation to your own Miata, amuse accumulate the windshield intact. 

— Emme Hall

First appear April 2.

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